The scientific and cultural orientation committee

Evaluates the scientific activities of the institution

The scientific orientation committee is consulted on the scientific and cultural policy of the institution. It notably evaluates the scientific activities of the institution and gives its opinion on future acquisitions. Presided over by Delphine Pinasa, director and curator of the CNCS, it includes fifteen members coming from heritage, costume, performing art and research professions.

The Scientific and Cultural Orientation Committee (COSC)

  • Mrs Delphine Pinasa, General Manager - CNCS
  • ​Mrs Virginie Desrante, Heritage Curator, Museums of France – Ministry of Culture and Communication
  • Mrs Frédérique Sarre, Chief Inspector for Theatre, Ministry of Culture and Communication
  • Mrs Brigitte Liabeuf, Chief Heritage Curator, Museum/Visual arts, DRAC Auvergne – Ministry of Culture and Communication
  • Mrs Sylvie Richoux, responsible for collections - CNCS
  • Mr Pierre Provoyeur, ‎Honorary General Curator for Heritage
  • Mr Joël Huthwohl, Curator, manager of the performing arts department – National Library of France
  • Mrs Agathe Sanjuan, Curator-archivist, manager of the library-museum - Comédie-Française
  • Mrs Christine Neumeister, ‎Manager of the costume workshop – National Opera of Paris
  • Mrs Laurence Lamberger-Cohen, Manager of the Union of French Operas (ROF)
  • Mr Jan Van Goethem, President of the International Society of Performing Arts Libraries and Museums (SIBMAS)
  • Mr Thierry Pariente, Manager of the National School for Theatre Arts and Techniques (ENSATT)
  • Mrs Catherine Treilhou-Balaude, professor of history and theater esthetism - Université Sorbonne Nouvelle Paris 3
  • Mrs Elisabeth de Sauverzac, costume designer
  • Mr Alexandre de Dardel, set designer
  • Mr Jean-Michel Daly, in charge of the costume decoration workshop at the National Opera of Paris