The team

CNCS personnel are made up of a multidisciplinary team of experienced professionals that share the same passion for welcoming the public and the world of performing arts and its heritage. With twenty-seven permanent employees and numerous external participants, the team is organized around the management of collections, the welcoming of the public, cultural and pedagogical animation and the management of a building listed as a historical monument and its exhibitions.


Delphine Pinasa, director
Vincent Foray, administrator
Laura Cauchy-Puravet, management assistants


Brigitte Lacalmontie, registrar
Sabrina Harrault
Marie Dubreuil, accountant


Loriane Pobelle, communication manager

Collection department

Sylvie Richoux, collection department manager
Fabienne Sabarros-Helly, registrar for works
Pierre-Jean Colacicco, responsible for preventive conservation
Aurore Festy, responsible for preventive conservation
Sophie de Saint-Martin, responsible for preventive conservation
Katia Mallay, responsible for preventive conservation
Eva Kowalski, responsible for preventive conservation
Petra Vlad, responsible for preventive conservation

Public department

Jean-Sébastien Judais, responsible for the public department
Amandine Lombard, responsible for visitor reception, ticket sales and the museum shop
Stéphanie Laporte, coordinator
Laura Boutonnet, responsible for marketing
Geneviève Gardette, responsible for the reservation

Mediation department

Sandra Julien, responsible for school public mediation
Carole Combaret, responsible for non-school public mediation
Géraldine Schoenher, cultural correspondent teacher
Lionel Olivier, cultural correspondent teacher

Visitor reception

Selvyra Kham, visitor welcome
Julie Gonnard, visitor welcome
Céline Guichon, visitor welcome
Félix Lacroix, visitor welcome
Pauline Aillaud, visitor welcome
Emmanuelle Marotin, visitor welcome


Stéphanie Laporte
Pascale Vassy
Marie-Lise Johnson

Technical department

Vincent Viotty, maintenance and  safety manager
Stéphane Berthelot, exhibition technical manager
Jordan Philippe, technician